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What is a remap,what is involved and what are the benifits

All modern vehicles are controlled by a computer called an ecu , Frodsham sprayshop will use the latest technology  to plug into the ecu to modify the original files that are installed on it to give the best performance and economy .

What is involved?

Firstly we check for any existing faults completly free of charge . The original software is copied from your car and your new file is then custom written, choose either a performance remap , eco remap or a specif. the vehicle is then tested for any faults again to ensure everything is working perfectly.

What are the benifits?

All remaps are customer written and improve power, save on the fuel bill and improve on the throttle response.

  • Turbo diesels
    • 20%-35% more BHP
    • 30%-45% more torque
    • 15%-20% more MPG's
    • Torque can be customised to focus on towing or carrying heavy loads if required
  • Turbo petrols
    • 20%-30% more BHP
    • 20%-30% more torque
    • 15%-20% more MPG's
    • Change turbo boost timing to suit customers driving style.
  • Naturally aspirated petrols
    • 5%-10% more BHP
    • 5%-10% more torque
    • 10%-15% more MPG's
    • All the flat spots removed and throttle response sharpened.

For specific quotes on power or fuel please contact us

Why isn't my car already like this ?

We are very lucky to live in a country with excellent quality fuel and a reasonably stable climate. Vehicle manufactures have to make car which run on lower quality fuels and in constant heat or cold weather for retail in all countries.

How much fuel can I save?

Fuel saving will depend on the type of vehicle your using, the roads your driving on and the style of driving. Our remaps generally see a 10% to 20% improvement in fuel economy. Most remaps will pay for themselves within 7000 to 9000 miles.